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Classic Maya

Classic Maya civilization arose in the southern highlands and northern lowlands of Guatemala, in the Yucatan Peninsula and state of Chiapas in Mexico, and in Belize and Honduras.  Maya culture began by 1500 BC with small farmers in the area building communities based on growing maize, beans and squash. 

Classic Maya civilization arose by AD 300, with the building of monumental architecture, erecting dated carved stela, and producing polychrome pottery.  The Maya built great urban centers, developed complex religious iconography, and created a writing system that recorded historical events and accurately recorded time. 

 Maya culture included robust ceramic and figurine traditions.


Chochola, Southern Yucatan
Maya Late Classic AD 600-900
Dark brown cylinder vessel with carved scenes of a seated figure.



Late Classic AD 600-900
Blackware cylindrical vessel with carved cartouche.


Campeche, Mexico
Late Classic Maya AD 600-900
Nopiloa style effigy rattle with white paint.



Lowland Guatemala
Late Classic Maya AD 600-900
Cylindrical bowl with two broad bands of red on orange cartouches.


Campeche, Mexico    
Late Classic Maya AD 600-900
Jaina style mold made female hollow effigy rattle with remains of painted decoration.


Tiquisate, Highland Guatemala
Classic Maya, AD 400-800
Mold made hollow ceramic female effigy.  The ceramicist depicted a figure wearing an elaborate floral cloak and grinding at a raised metate.


imageLate Classic Maya

AD 600-900
Red on cream jar with a human face modeled on the vessel’s neck.




Early Cultures of Central Mexico

Classic Maya

North Coast of Peru

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